About ZobRizan

ZobRizan Hamadan Company (Knowledge base) As one of the most equipped manufacturers of intelligent volumetric water meters, cast iron valves, cast iron valves and cast iron water supply fittings in the country with the approach of producing and supplying fittings and valves for water supply and sewage projects from sizes 100 to 1000 with a nominal annual production capacity of 5000 Ton started its activity in 1354 as a family company. As the first and only holder of a standard certificate from Iran’s standards department and a quality assurance management certificate (2008: ISO9001) in the field of manhole valve production and water supply connections, this company tries to consider the necessary standards to produce the best possible products.

Zob Rizan Hamadan company started the design and production stages of volumetric water meters in 2018 with the help of research and development unit, and in 1401, it succeeded in receiving the approval of the Ministry of Energy in the field of production of intelligent volumetric water meters.
Also, in 1401, this company succeeded in obtaining the science-based certificate from the Vice President of Science and Technology.
In this regard, Zob Rizan Hamadan by investing in the production and molding system in recent years and sending its board members and engineers to European countries to take specialized courses in prestigious universities and use new technologies in partner companies in Europe has been able to pave the path of its planning and progress based on reaching the highest quality and global standards.

Zobrizan team members

Alireza Zarei

Chairman of the Board

Dr. Jale Zarei

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors

Ali Asghar Zarei

Board member and business manager

Mehdi Zarei

Board member and human resources manager

Vahid Zarei


Leyla Zarei

Board member and director of research and development

Atena Zarei

financial manager

Amin Moin

Technical manager and QC
Social responsibility of the organization
(Corporate Social Responsibility)
Companies, like members of society and citizens of society, have come to understand that they are created by society and take their rules from the society in which they operate. They should relate their role, scope and purpose along with full understanding of environmental and social impacts and responsibilities. As accountable organizations, leading organizations take a highly ethical approach to transparency and accountability to their stakeholders for their performance. These organizations have special sensitivity and attention to social accountability and maintaining the stability of the organization’s ecosystem in the present and future and promote this point of view.

Social responsibility in Zob Rizan Hamadan company

What we have in our hearts is nothing but love and devotion to our beloved homeland and land of Iran, and in this way, we have made a promise to ourselves to strive for this claim with all our strength and effort. Based on this and in line with accepting the social responsibility of companies and expanding business ethics, Zob Rizan Hamedan Company has contributed its social responsibility to the protection of the country’s water resources. Zob Rizan Company, in line with its social responsibility, has put the design and production of cast iron fittings for water supply and manhole valves in accordance with the standards in its agenda and is trying to educate and guide public opinion towards the water crisis in the country. To spread the culture of thrift even more. In this regard, internal programs are being implemented, which we invite you to follow and participate in.
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