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Machine work

Quality control unit

Design and modeling (CAD)

Computer Aided Designing is the use of computer technology in the design process and design documentation. Nowadays, many stages of designing different parts and components are done by computer. Many parts must be tested under different conditions, and if we want to put them under real testing, it will require a lot of money. In this context and in the design discussion, Zob Rizan company designs and prepares construction plans of all kinds of parts using the latest modeling and simulation software in the world. Among the software used in this field, we can mention SolidWorks and CATIA.

Machining and manufacturing (CAM)

With a wide range of parts and molds, it is very necessary to have all kinds of tools and machines for production. The existence of all kinds of devices and machine tools as well as the use of CNC machines have provided the ability of this unit to respond to the customer's needs as quickly and better as possible.

Engineering analysis (CAE)

COMPUTER AIDED ENGINEERING, CAE, which means that static, dynamic and thermal analyzes are performed on simulated parts in the computer. In this stage, the distribution of stress, displacement and in some cases temperature is obtained during the operation of the part and assembly. In the field of static and dynamic analysis of parts such as manhole valves, it is possible to load and simulate tests by ABAQUS software, also in In the melting and casting analysis, ProCast software is used, which checks all the stages of channel system design and melting before starting production.


In the field of mold making, according to the requirements of the relevant standards, such as the dimensions of the parts, working pressures and variety of parts to minimize the costs, as well as the floating design of the molds, it was necessary to respond better and faster to the customer's needs. Based on this, all the molding steps are first planned in written form and then a work plan is provided to each part at each step. The molds made in Zob Rizan company in the connection section conform to the ISO 2531 or INSO 3732 standard, and in the manhole valve section conform to the EN 124 or INSO 14976 standard.

Repair and maintenance

Currently, in the warehouses of Zob Rizan Company, there are more than 1000 tons of all kinds of casting molds that were previously produced by the technical unit.
Engineered company is available. It is natural to maintain and update this volume of continuous and careful work
It is a lot. In this regard, it seems very necessary to have a detailed plan and plan to do it as quickly and accurately as possible. With the special attention of Zob Rizan Hamadan company to the issue of formwork, and by providing the necessary facilities, all stages of design, construction and assembly, as well as repairs and maintenance of molds are done in the molding unit of Zob Rizan Company. Also, this unit is responsible for all matters related to the manufacture, repair and replacement of defective parts in other parts of the factory.

Reverse engineering and standardization

For the production of each piece, it needs to be designed and standardized before being placed in the production line. Now this piece has
It is a special standard or it is used in combination and against another standard part. In this section, it is also a duty
Standardization and reverse engineering and preparation of tables and datasheets of various parts are the responsibility of the technical and engineering unit of the company.

The casting unit and furnaces of this company have been renovated in recent years and the old smelting system has been replaced, which uses new induction furnaces to produce molten metal with higher speed and higher quality. Immediately after the production of the melt and before its delivery to the casting unit, sampling of the melt and testing of the sample and checking the percentage of elements and its compliance with the standard are done. Also, in all stages of melting, the temperature of the melt is completely controlled and recorded. The tests performed on the molten metal are completely archived and can be tracked with the product tracking and identification system. The casting unit of this company has the ability to produce parts with a nominal diameter of 50 to 1100 with a weight of about 1000 kg, as well as a variety of manhole valves up to 1000 x 1000 entry is produced in this company. In addition to cast iron, in this unit aluminum casting furnaces for the required parts and molds are made.
After the parts are produced in the casting department, according to the procedure of the parts production process, they enter the sandblasting and shot blasting department. Next, the raw parts are delivered to the machining unit. In this section, the continuation of the production process, which is carried out using machine tools, is carried out on the parts. Among them, we can mention polishing and drilling of flanged connections according to existing standards and preparing other assembly parts.
Providing quality products in accordance with domestic and global standards is one of the main priorities of Zob Rizan Hamadan Company. Based on this, this company has taken steps to complete and improve its quality control system. In this regard, Zob Rizan has obtained the ISO 9001 standard certificate in the field of quality control management, which includes equipping the company's foundry laboratory. Zob Rizan Hamedan referred to the quantum meter device, and all precision instruments and measuring equipment are periodically sent to the laboratories approved by the Iranian Standards Organization and calibrated.
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