The best knowledge-based design of Abadiran exhibition


Abadiran exhibition

Exhibition of technologies and products that remove deprivation (Abadiran) with the aim of helping the development of deprived areas by introducing the capacities of knowledge-based, creative and technological companies to respond to challenges and create sustainable employment, as well as develop the market and facilitate the purchase of goods and services of these companies in order to remove deprivation with The participation of “Musta’a’an Foundation”, “Imam Khomeini Committee” and Executive Headquarters of Farman Imam” was held on 23rd to 25th of Khordad at the place of Imam Khomeini’s mosque (RA). Among the 300 companies (Danesh Banyan) present at the exhibition, the smart meter design of Zob Rizan Hamadan Company was among the top 5 honored designs.


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