Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Zobrizan rules and regulations section. To use our website, please read the rules and regulations carefully.

1. Order registration:
Placing an order means acceptance of all terms and rules of Zobrizan by the respected user.

2. Compliance with the rules:
All the activities of Zobrizan are compatible with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Law of Electronic Commerce and the Law of Protection of Consumer Rights. The user is also obliged to comply with all the rules related to the use of our website.

3. Fair pricing:
In Zobrizan, we try to make the prices match or lower than the similar ones in the market. The principles of customer orientation and respect for consumer rights are influential in our pricing. By offering wholesale prices, we make every effort to provide a fair and reasonable price.

4. Register the correct information:
The user is obliged to enter her details completely and correctly when placing an order. If incorrect or incomplete information is entered, the order will not be processed. Zobrizan has the right to cancel part or all of the orders for any reason, including running out of stock, without prior notice.

5. Honesty in providing information:
At Zobrizan, we care about the authenticity and accuracy of the information provided about the products. The images and descriptions provided for the products will be exactly in accordance with the product features. Also, we strive to create a pleasant shopping experience for you by displaying professional and attractive images.

6. Shipping cost:
The cost of shipping and loading is the responsibility of the customers. Zobrizan has no commitment in this regard and only emphasizes on its material and product.

7. Working days and order processing:
Our working days are from Saturday to Thursday, excluding public holidays in Iran. All orders placed on these days and the first day after the holiday will be processed.

8. Preservation of personal information:
The information you provide in the order registration and membership process will be used by us to provide you with services. We are committed to protecting your privacy and will handle your information carefully.

9. User account password:
The user account password is stored encrypted in our database. The user is responsible for maintaining the password.

10. Violation of laws and regulations:
Any violation of these rules and regulations by the users allows us to take necessary measures against the users and the content.

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