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WI smart meters size 50 to 500

Product feature

The possibility of remote reading in both GSM-GPRS platforms

It has two sim cards at the same time

Farsi screen and solar date

It has an internal battery with a lifespan of 7 years if there is no electricity

Product delivery time: Delivery from warehouse within 3 working days

Original product

Quality product guarantee

return goods

The possibility of returning goods

Fast delivery

Dispatch in 3 business days

24 hour support

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Contact number: 88977573

Product description and features

Resistant in environmental conditions and accurate and correct operation in any type of weather conditions

IP67 environmental protection

Data management software (Web Base)

Reading application and settings locally

The possibility of connecting the meter and exchanging information between the server, the Android app and the meter

High security in information exchange

It has a Mayfar card reader system and the ability to store information on the card

The possibility of charging the meter by the subscriber to the Myfar card

The possibility of commanding the solenoid valve to turn off and on the water remotely

The possibility of disconnecting the float or seal remotely

R25 measurement accuracy

It has internal memory to store information for at least one year and permanent storage of information in the central server

The ability to update the meter remotely and locally



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